Thursday, September 19, 2013

Post 2451 - Kitty Cat

Hey.  Ten o'clock.  Getting late.  Long day. Turning in soon.

We took Cindy Clawford to the vet's this evening.  She is down about 5 ounces since last week.  We have decided to feed the cats from different cans of food so that we know how much each cat is getting in the run of a day.  That will commence tomorrow.

I am down here in my home office tapping away.  Newbie is on the bookcase to my immediate left.  His weight gain is becoming quite noticeable.

This weekend I will be spending quite a bit of time down here.  I will be sifting through what vhs tapes I want to digitize and which ones to toss.  I am thinking I will toss 95% of them from the get go.  The ones I will hold on, contain things that are just not replaceable in any way, shape, or form.  I recorded a lot of radio shows in the 1990's and early 2000's.  Morning shows and editions of the Hotline when Brian Phillips was the host.  Dozens of hours of the stuff, mostly on vhs.

I also have several editions of "Maritime Mysteries", hosted by Bill Jessome.  He did the individual stories on Live at Five; but from time to time, ATV would edit several of the stories together and broadcast them as half hour specials.  I have several of those broadcasts.  Other things, too.  I won't know until I chance upon them.  By Sunday evening I hope to have located all the stuff I want to transfer to my computer.  Then, the real-time process of dubbing to dvd and then ripping those dvd's can start.  That will take a long time.

Once I have digitized these radio morning shows I can upload them to a place where folks can download them if they want to.  I highly doubt if there are any copies of these broadcasts extant anywhere, so I feel it's important to preserve these broadcasts.

Anyway, long day, and I have to get up not many hours from now.  Guess I'll turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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