Friday, September 20, 2013

Post 2452 - Friday

It is 10pm.  Friday.  The weekend is here.

After work this evening we had another meal at the Swiss Chalet in Clayton Park on Lacewood Drive. Second time there this week.  I had the half chicken with baked potato; Patricia had ribs and chicken.  She has this great interest interest in eating ribs, but I do not share it.  I find them messy and fatty.  The sauce on them is the only thing that provides flavour.  If I never ate another rib again, it would never upset me.

Afterward, Patricia got groceries and I went into Wal*Mart to get sneakers.  That's what I call them, by the way.  Sneakers.  They are not "running shoes".  They do not have an overly exuberant brand name.  They do not inflate by activating a special button somewhere.  They do not glow in the dark.  They cost $29 plus tax.  They are sneakers.  Get over it.

I have noticed a difference between men and women.  Besides the shopping gene and breasts, that is.  And earrings.  Anyway, men tend to own only enough shoes to last them until they wear out and they go out and buy another pair.  Women... well, they go a bit overboard in the shoe department, don't they?   They buy shoes for the sake of buying them.  Frig knows why.

One woman I used to know was running late for work one morning.  She reached into her closet and pulled out two red shoes, stuffed her feet into them, and dashed out the door.  It was only when she got to work and looked down at her feet when it dawned on her that she was wearing a red shoe from two different pairs of red shoes.  I can't think of too many men who would be in that predicament.  If I wear a black shoe from two different pairs of black shoes, I doubt if anyone would notice, including me.

I forgot to tell you the other day that on October 5th, at the Northwood Old Folks' Home in Halifax, that I will be presenting the test speech for the annual Toastmasters Evaluation Contest.   There is a more formal name than that, but that's good enough to give you an idea.  The test speech is just that: A speech that is presented for the participants in the evaluation contest to evaluate.  I will give the speech and sit down and have 10 people or so evaluate my performance.  It will be like being married and having your wife point out your shortcomings  in 10 different tones of voice.  I can hardly wait.

Turns out that, for some time now, I am only 2 steps away from achieving my DTM, the Distinguished Toastmaster designation, which is the highest level one can achieve in the organization.   Some DTM's rest on their laurels; their speaking skills deteriorate to the point where they might as well not be in TM any more.  That's why they often refer to "DTM" as "Dead Toastmasters".

Others go whole hog the other way, and re-do all of the things that would earn them all those earlier designations, all over again.  I can understand that on an intellectual basis, but aren't there other things to do with one's life other than re-do things over and over?

Once I get my DTM, I hope to strike some kind of balance.

Tomorrow will be here before I know it.  Time for beddy-bye.  Newbie is giving me that come hither look and I cannot resist it any more.

See you Saturday!


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