Sunday, September 22, 2013

Post 2454 - Sunday

Well, I just finished watching the penultimate episode of "Breaking Bad".  Without revealing anything, the set up for the final episode should be amazing.

I didn't do that much today, at least not as much as I was supposed to.  I washed the dishes, a major undertaking around here.  Patricia made an excellent meal of corn and chicken legs, even if I decided I didn't want to eat meat today and stuck with the corn.

What else is happening?  I had a shower this evening, so the people at my work who have been complaining about my malodorous body lately will have nothing to complain about for a couple of days.  As usual, my hair looks even better this evening after the product went in, than it did before.

I am listening to my Sirius satellite radio quite a bit lately.  I am hooked on the 40's on 4 channel, featuring music recorded in that fine decade, or at least newly-recorded versions of those old songs.  I listen to that channel far  more than I should.  It almost makes me want to go out and buy a zoot suit.   Is there any place in the area where I can buy one?  Maybe I can go here, now that they're shutting down the business.

I have to get up in six hours and go to work, so I will cut this short.

See you tomorrow.


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