Monday, September 23, 2013

Post 2455 - Deep Roots

Now that it's bought and paid for, I can tell you what we will be doing this weekend.  We have bought weekend passes to the 2013 Deep Roots Festival in Wolfville.

Cue the fanfare.

What is this thing called Deep Roots, you wonder?  Wikepedia doesn't tell me much.

It is Roots music.  Folk music.  Blues.  All wrapped up into one package.

There are  many performers coming this weekend, including Jesse Winchester, the omnipresent  David Myles, Cuckoo Moon, and dozens more.  Here is a link to the full schedule.

We have Friday off work.  We will be driving down Thursday so that we can be all ready to attend the festival all weekend long.  We will be spending the weekend at my mother's.  We will do our best not to eat out even once, dining and supping at my mother's instead.

We can hardly frigging wait to go.  We have been waiting for months for this to happen, and it is almost here.

Time to go watch "Sleepy Hollow".

See you tomorrow.


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