Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Post 2456 - Never Again!

So, I was looking for a light timer for the house.  They didn't have what I wanted at Wal*Mart, so I reluctantly went to Target.  I literally couldn't find anything in the same category.  I wandered around the place for 15 minutes before I got fed up and left.

Patricia and I ended up going to the Montana's in Bayer's Lake for dinner.  It was kinda meh.  It was expensive for what we had, and the taste wasn't really there.  There were barely enough potato skins to make it a plural.  The fajitas were tasteless.  And the bill/cheque was way up there.

We will never set foot in either Montana's or Target, ever again.


What was not disappointing is what happened during my lunch hour today.  In addition to finishing Ron Jeremy's "The Hardest (Working) Man in Show Business", I managed to win two tickets to the late night Friday concert at the Old Orchard Inn in Greenwich; it's part of the Deep Roots festival.  It is NOT covered by our weekend passes, so we have yet one more reason to exhaust ourselves.  We will have to take a nap Friday afternoon or something.

Tomorrow after work, Patricia and I are having dinner with Megan Edwards, who is back in town for a vacation.  It is hard to believe that it  has been a full two years since she was let go by Z103 (now Energy 103) and nearly as long since she moved to BC to seek fame and fortune (and a boyfriend who's a member of Marianas Trench.)

The sad fact is that there is no career path for her here in Nova Scotia just as there isn't one for an awful lot of young people today.  If I were her age again, or a little younger or a little older, then my reality would probably consist of leaving Nova Scotia and finding work in a place like Toronto or Vancouver.

Anyway, Megan will fill me in on what she's been up to, and there should be enough material for a small-ish interview to be published here.  Maybe she will let me pose for pictures with her again.  I should shower or something.

The first episode of "SHIELD" is half over.  Agent Coulsen is back, and there is a hint that he didn't go to Tahiti after the events of the Avengers movie, after all.  I think I know what happened to him.  Let's see if I wasted all that time reading comics when I was younger.  I knew they would pay off someday.

You guys have a wonderful evening.  I'll be sure to say hi to Megan for you.  If you haven't read my itnerview with her, please do so.  It is one of the most popular posts on this blog, ever.  Read it and see why.


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