Friday, September 27, 2013

Post 2459 - Deep Roots Day One

We are back to my mother's after a very pleasant evening at the Deep Roots Festival!

We got to Acadia's Festival Theatre around 6:45. The showed started at 7. David Myles was the host. Each artist had about 35 minutes to wow us.

They all did.

Celsa Machado is a Jamaican. He plays a guitar and then whatever he can get his hands on to produce percussion. He slapped his face. Tapped his tummy. Took a swig of water, replaced the cap, and banged on the bottom of the bottle. Noises came out of his mouth that should not emanate from a human, but they did.

Tannis Slimmon is a male and female duo in their fifties. She sings like an angel. He plays beautifully. The highlight for me was the last song, which she did without musical accompaniment.

What can I say about Laura Smith? Her voice is back! She had a very hard decade or so, but she's back and sounds better than ever.

I was unfamiliar with the music of Jay Ungar and Molly Mason. It is about as folky as you can get. If you have seen Ken Burn's "The Civil War", then you have heard their music, as one of their songs is the main theme for that documentary.

The David Myles Trio rounded out the evening. He told the story of how they played "Inner Ninja" at his mother's aqua fit class. They did doo-wop. And they performed a tune from his latest album that has cracked the top 40 in Canada. His fit song to do so. I guess "Inner Ninja" doesn't count.

From there we drove to the "Old O" to check Cajun Heat. A lot of zydeco. People who are into that kind of music are extremely passionate about it. I don't quite get it.

We returned to the house around 1am. There are more acts in less than 12 hours. We need our sleep.

We're having a wonderful weekend so far! How's yours going?

See you tomorrow!

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