Saturday, September 28, 2013

Post 2460 - Deep Roots Day Two

Back home after another excellent day of roots music!

I left Patricia to fend for herself in Wolfville while I visited my mother. She wanted to do some shopping, so we did. We ended up grabbing victuals at the Old Gummer's Restaurant. I hadn't been there in quite some time. I won't be back for some time. Mom loves it there.

I met up with Patricia at 2:30. She'd just been at the song writer's circle. I guess it was excellent. Sigh. We made our way over to the Al Whittle Theatre to see "Guitars and Accordions". Several artists playing and singing songs, pretty good ones, using the above-noted instruments.

When that was over, we returned to Mom's. I mowed the lawn. Patricia rested.

We returned to Wolfville around 6:20. We parked next to the Farmer's Market. We made our way to the Festival Theatre.

There were six artists. Cuckoo Moon were 3 women from, I believe, the North Mountain. Their music reminded me of Madison Violet's. Very enjoyable. Crabtree and Mills were a duo. I think they pissed off the floor director because we could see him hold up 10 fingers, indicating they had 10 minutes to wrap things up, and blithely ignored it and kept playing until the co-hosts all but threw them off stage. A little ugly, but I enjoyed their performance very much.

Ray Bonneville was next. He lives in Austin but knows this part of the world. He and his drummer performed one blues song after another, and I was disappointed when they finished, because I could have listened to them all evening.

After a brief intermission, they had a give away of a nice barbecue set from the NSLC. The questions was, which act at this year Deep Roots also played at the first 3 festivals.

I had this duo say that Friday night. I jumped up and shouted, "Jay Unger and Molly Mason" just ahead of someone else who may or may not have been correct. The MC heard and saw me, so I won. Sweet!

Anyway, the amazing Coco Love Alcorn was next. I have seldom heard someone hit the high notes that she did. Loved her.

The last performer was Jesse Winchester. His music is more subtle and less ostentatious than many other folks there this weekend, but it grew on me. Remember: "Unless you're from another star/tears are a part of what you are". I think "A Little Glass of Wine" was my fave tune, though.

The show over after three and a half hours, we returned here. We are both overtired, but we want to attend the "Rise Up Singing" at 10 and of course the closing concert at 1pm.

God, I'm having fun this weekend.

See you tomorrow!

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