Monday, September 30, 2013

Post 2461 - Deep Roots Day Three

We are back in the city after the finale of the Deep Roots Festival

There were only 2 events today that we attended.  This morning at 10, we went to "Rise Up Singing", a joyful, energetic performance featuring many of the performers from the weekend.  We saw Tannis Slimmon, Up Dog, Coco Love Alcorn, and Cuckoo Moon.  They were so good we didn't want it to end.

After lunch, and a quick visit to my mother's, we returned for the finale, which I'm sorry to state was a mixed bag.  We loved 14th Street Brigade and Heather Kelday.  24th Street Wailers is a fusion of rockabilly and blues, and we can't wait for them to come back to the province so that we can see them again.  My God, they are an amazing group, and I wish them every success.  If they come to your town, see them.  Do yourself a favour, and see these guys.  If it helps, their lead guitarist, besides being a virtuoso player, is also very attractive.  The saxophonist is easily the most exuberant such person in the history of that musical instrument.  The bass player wowed us.  And the lead singer is also the drummer, and we can't decide which of those roles she was better at.  I don't swear much on this blog, because I believe that there are other ways to express things without vulgarity, but holy f*ck they're excellent.  See them.  Just see them.  I love them.  Love them.  Love them!

After the intermission, we had Celso Machado again.  You know, the Brazilian performer we saw Friday night.  The show he did for us on Sunday was virutally identical to the one from Friday.  We got bored pretty quickly.  I have no idea how he would sustain a 90 minute show. 

People had been raving about how good "Beautiful Wild Animals" was/were/whatever.  We had high expectations, but we ended up disappointed.  One guy plays an accordion like he was married to it; the other played a violin and sang in a voice that would make Michael Jackson take notes, if Mr. Jackson were in a position to take notes, of course.  We walked out on it, so we ended up missing the ORO! Orkestra.  I am guessing it was an amalgam of many of the musical acts from the whole weekend.

We got some dinner.  Visited my mother.  Bought some produce.  Picked up Cindy Clawford.  And drove back to Halifax, arriving around 7:40.  I cleaned up and stayed awake to see the last episode of "Breaking Bad" and "Talking Bad" where they discussed the episode. 

It was a wonderful weekend.  We had a terrific time.  And we can't wait for the 2014 Deep Roots Festival.  We will just make sure to book off the Monday following the festival so that we can recover.  It will be a very long day today.

See you later.


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