Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Post 2469 - Radio News

At the end of a supremely long day, I learn that there will be a biography of the late and great Pat Connolly published on October 9th, Wednesday, tomorrow.

It is written by Joel Jacobson, late of the Chronicle Herald newspaper, and clearly a long-time friend of Pat's. 

I have every confidence that the book will be excellent.  When I interviewed Pat in 2009, I just scratched the surface of the man's career.  I am happy that before he died, that he sat down with Mr. Jacobson and that a book will come from it.  I look forward to buying a copy and getting the author to sign it. 

I hope that this book sells a zillion copies as it will lead to the publication of more books featuring radio icons.  That would not mean I would retire from doing interviews, at least in theory.  Time will tell.

As I stated, this has been a very long day, but not as long as it was for the provincial NDP.  We will have a change in government with a Liberal majority.  I do not get very political on this blog because lots of other people can do it better than I can.  But I do look forward to seeing what do with the province over the next 4 years. 

You guys have a good evening. 

See you tomorrow.


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