Friday, October 11, 2013

Post 2480 - Friday

It is past 10pm on Friday.  I will be turning in soon.

In the morning we will drive to the cottage.  I will be returning on Tuesday sometime before going to my mother's for a few days.  Then I will return to the city by Saturday afternoon of the 19th so that we can go out that evening for the annual Nocturne event.  We both missed it last year, and will not miss it this year.

Long day at work.  I was on call over night and got a phone call around 4:15 this morning that reminded me for all the world of the British sitcom The IT Crowd.   It is very funny, because it is so damned true.  Here it is, IT support boiled down to 2 minutes.  Watch it, and then I'll tell you more about my call.

When the caller told me at 4:15 this morning that he had lost all network connections, but they had been working before he'd gone on break, my spidey sense started tingling.  As we were talking, a woman on the other side of the office reported to him that her connections were up and running.   I just repeated the questions posed in the above film clip.  He seemed a little offended by a couple of them, but I asked him to humour me.  He rebooted the computer, and all was well.   I asked him if I could take credit for it working again, and he said sure.  He probably thought I was a genius, but all I did was parrot some questions from a British tv show that I like.  Questions I have been asking for many years before I saw the show, to tell the truth.

(Yes, I'm that good.  Please double my salary.)

After work, we went to dinner at Brewdebaker's in Bayer's Lake.  I had the seafood fettuccine.  Patricia had fish and chips.  She didn't like her meal at all.  Mine was kinda meh.  I have had much better meals at that place in recent months and hope that tonight was an aberration, an isolated anomaly that will skew our perception of the place until other meals we have there down the road restore the perception to a positive one again.

We went to Chapters in Bayer's Lake for the second night in a row, in search of the new book about the life of legendary broadcaster Pat Connolly.  I told you about the book the other day and can't wait to get my mitts on one.  While they had their book release on Wednesday, it will not be out in book stores until the 15th.

I have a pretty cool reason to get this book.  I don't want to tell you what it is until I get the book and see it for myself.  Once I have, fear not, effendi.  I will crow about it.  I will shout it from the highest rooftops.  I will tweet it and ask all my followers to retweet it until even the Pope knows about it.  If it is what I think it is, it will be pretty dang neat.

Tomorrow promises to be another long day.  I think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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