Monday, October 14, 2013

Post 2482 - This And That

It is Monday evening, around 6:30.  It has not been  a pleasant long weekend.

Patricia continues not to feel well.  For some reason, probably laziness, I slept away most of Sunday but got up in time to watch the season opener for The Walking Dead and the companion series, The Talking Dead.

I did the dishes this afternoon and tackled laundry.  I prepared dinner.  And I am downstairs here in my home office just enjoying a bit of time before I have to prepare for reality.

I will still take my 3 days of vacation this week.  Patricia will return to work in the morning and rescind her vacation days she had requested for this week.  She will take those days off when she is feeling better, probably next week.  When that happens she will be down at the cottage to close it up for the year, and I will rendezvous with her down there, once again in a week's time.  At least, that is the plan for now.   Things have a habit of changing in my world.

As you can see from the photo I just took with my webcam, my hair remains beautiful, though rough hewn, the way a man's man's hair should be.  (I just checked and this is the first time the phrase "man's man's" has ever been used n the English language.  Do I get a prize?)

In other news, I am told that the Pat Connolly book is selling very well and may be sold out in certain stores.  Of course, I take credit for this as I asked all 4.7 of you to go out and purchase said tome.  Implicit in this request was for all of you to buy multiple copies and give them to your friends, radiating sales outward like ripples in a pool.  Thank you for that.   Now, all of you, please go forth and withdraw $139.62 from your savings account and deliver it to me at the main Spring Garden Road  entrance to the Public Gardens, this coming Friday morning at 8.  I need new shoes and hair product.  Only the best for Bevboy.

I think I will have my semi-annual shower.  The neighbours have been complaining.

See you tomorrow.


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