Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post 2483 - Valley Time

Hi. These words come to you from my mother's house. I will be here until Thursday, possibly Friday. Depends.

Newbie didn't come with me this trip. I have no idea, but he somehow senses when I am about to leave for a place other than work and makes himself scarce. I'll miss the little bugger.

I am here to take care of some business involving my mother and the house. It required me and only me. Which is fine because I love this house. Be it ever so humble, as you know.

Patricia's back is still not working well. She went to the doctor today and was prescribed some stuff. We also both got our annual flu shots today. Which means I'll get the flu.

Dad's watch, which I've been wearing since shortly after his death, has been acting up. It stopped working around 3pm Monday. Before I met up with Patricia today I went to the Halifax Watch Company in the Halifax Shopping Centre to get a new battery. The staff member checked and the battery was fine. I asked her to check the little pins that hold the strap in place, and they were fine. She just scraped a little bit of crud on the mechanism that may have compromised the battery contact. She set the correct time on the watch. I'm pleased to report that it's been working perfectly ever since. And, the best part was that she wouldn't take any money! I gave her some Blog cards and told her that I would write something nice about the business this evening. Which I just did.

If you need a new battery or watch strap or something then get that work done at the Halifax Watch Company in the Halifax Shopping Centre. They provide excellent service and even better prices. Just do it, even if you live out of town.

Anyway, I drove up here this evening. I just spent 3 hours watching an excellent 3 hour documentary on PBS about superheroes. It's been a good day but a very long one. Wednesday promises to be the same, so I'm turning in.

See you tomorrow.

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