Sunday, October 20, 2013

Post 2487 - Sunday

It is nearly 7pm.  I have done not very much today.

We went to lunch at Jungle Jim's in Bayer's Lake.   It is a theme restaurant with not bad food and the busiest menu in the history of menus.   It takes an hour to read the thing and another hour to decide what to have.  It was worth it in the end, but it is not a place one goes to when one is starving and wants to eat sooner rather than later.

We got back to the house and I tackled the litterboxes.  They needed to be cleaned out, and they have been.  I just have to re-supply the cat litter to the boxes before the cats decide to... "improvise".  I keep wondering who is the pet and who is the ostensible owner.

Tonight is The Walking Dead night.  I am curious to know how many of my 4.7 readers enjoy the program. It is certainly popular, and with good reason. The season opener last week was a little slow, but by no means creaky. It was clearly an episode that would set the stage for future ones, and I am along for the ride.  I keep wondering what they will do with the upcoming (2 years from now) spinoff series.

I have long entertained the notion of being a zombie extra on the series. The show is filmed in Georgia, so that is unlikely; but I nonetheless think it would be neat.  The only problem would be the fact that there is no way they would succeed in putting those zombie contact lenses in my eyes.  I fiercely protect my vision to the point where optometrists  charge a special rate when I walk through the door.  I have to be held down by brutish misanthropes when an eye doctor wants to check my orbs.  In order to pry an eye open, they have to hire a third brute whose only job is to do just that. Bottom line: No way can I, will I, or should I, wear contact lenses of any type.  Therefore, Bevboy can never be a zombie extra on The Walking Dead. Sniff.

The last time I checked, litterboxes do not fill themselves.  I guess I should get back to work.

See you tomorrow.


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