Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Post 2489 - Tuesday


It is once again fairly late at night.  I realize this is a relative term.  I know people who get so little sleep on a regular basis that the current time of nearly 10:30 is when they're just clearing their throat to keep working for several more hours.  Not me.  Unless I'm hopped up on caffeine, my body and brain start shutting down right about now and point me to bed and a night's slumber.

Not tonight.

Patricia bought a kiln after work today.  She will use it to make things that come out of a kiln.  I associate kilns with Scottish things, but I am not sure why.  Isn't that where they burn dead people?  I'm not sure.  Just in case, I will make sure my life insurance is paid up.

We got home and so far we haven't found any puke that Cindy Clawford coughed up.  We don't think she has taken a dump anywhere, either.  Of course, I haven't been in every room in the house yet.  She likes to leave little presents around for us from time to time.  Lots of fun to clean up.

I worked through lunch today, so I didn't get a chance to resume transcribing a long-overdue interview for your reading pleasure.  I deeply regret taking so long to finish this.  I know my 4.7 readers expect this interview to be done, and I apologize.  Soon.  I will work on it soon.

I received a second media player in the mail today, from an ebay vendor.  It is an Asus O! Play, model # whatever.  It plays nearly every damn file format you throw at it.  Also, it is much more flexible and versatile in accessing the external network drives I keep media stuff on.  Within minutes I was able to play any tv show or movie I had here.  I can pause and fast forward and rewind.  If I stop playing, it does not remember where it left off.  I think that is just a simple preference toggle that I have to set.  I'm happy. The one thing it can't do, give me netflix, is the one thing my other media player can do reasonably well.  It's all good.

I return to Toastmasters Wednesday night.  It will be my first meeting in 3 weeks.  I miss the little buggers.  They probably haven't even noticed I wasn't there.  Maybe I should just take a life-size picture of myself, stick some of my hair on it, and leave it at the meeting place tomorrow night.  See if they notice anything.  Yeah.  I'll do that.

You guys have a good night.

See you tomorrow.


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