Thursday, October 24, 2013

Post 2491 - I've Created A Monster

Wednesday night, after my Toastmasters meeting, Patricia and I drove to Beechville so that I could look at a messenger bag suitable for carrying a laptop.  The brand name is Crumpler.  They arguably make the best such totes and bags and so on, anywhere.

The woman and I agreed to a price, and I took my purchase back to the car.  Patricia was so impressed by it that this morning she checked out similar items.  There was a very high quality crumpler camera bag for a very good price.  We drove there this evening, and she got it.  She's very happy.

We got home and fed the cats.  They always seem to be hungry.  Newbie in particular could not get enough victuals.  It is as if he had a hollow front paw.  He and I went downstairs for a spell.  I ended up watching an episode of "The IT Crowd", the one where buddy takes the IT staff to a play rife with gay references.  Pretty funny stuff.

Reminds me of the time a man I once worked with made an interesting mistake.

Ted and his wife were out driving one day.  They failed to notice a police officer who was directing traffic; the officer had his back to them as he was dealing with another matter.  They sailed on through. Before long, as they reached the downtown, they had to stop suddenly to avoid hitting a series of vehicles ahead of them.

And floats.


They ended up in a parade.   Rather than sheepishly slink off and die, they went along with it and began waving to the crowd.  And that's how they ended up in that year's Gay Pride Parade.

Have you ever made a colossal mistake and tried to cover it up?  Tell me about it by replying to this post directly, or via a reply to the Facebook update, or even the tweet that advertises the blog post.  I want to hear from you!

Newbie is nestling up to me.  It is a cooler evening so he will want to get as much of my body heat as possible.  Sounds like a good idea.

See you tomorrow.


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