Saturday, October 26, 2013

Post 2493 - A Busy Day

It is just past midnight Saturday night.  Technically, Sunday.

It was a long day.  Do you want to hear about it?  No?  Well, skip the rest of this post, then.

We left the house late, not until nearly 11:30 Saturday morning.  After a quick Timmies break, we drove to Wolfville where we mosied around a bit.  We visited Mom just in time to participate in the annual Hallowe'en party, in which the residents give out candy to the kids and grandchildren of the residents and staff. Some of those kids barely bothered to put anything on that even remotely resembled Hallowe'en.

We took our leave and picked up the organic chicken that Patricia had ordered.  They had gone out for "ice cream" Friday morning, and their packaged headless and featherless corpses were on display for us to choose from.  Having done that, we dropped them off at Mom's before continuing our shopping in Wolfville, this time for vegetation.

After we had bought as many apples and pumpkins and other things as would possibly fit in my car, we had dinner at the Front Street Diner, so called because it is a simple diner on Front Street in Wolfville.  Please do not over think this.  If it were on Main Street, one would reasonably expect it to be called the Main Street Diner.  But it isn't.  Front Street has its own diner, and it is called the Front Street Diner.  I can't make it any clearer than that.

I had been there before, but it was Patricia's first time.  I had the roast beef dinner, which was a full plate of food for ten bucks.  It was actual roast beef thick enough that the cow would definitely have felt it coming off its arse.  Patricia had the turkey dinner.  I think the turkey would have suffered as well when the meat on her plate was removed from it.  Both meals were excellent.  Good, simple food.  We both had a dessert: I had a orange creamsicle piece of pie; Patricia had a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.  Everything was made right there in the diner.  We can't wait to go back.  I will take my mother there as soon as I can.  I know she will love it there.

We went back to the house and rested for a little while before returning to Wolfville, for the third time today, to have a coffee at the Just US! on Main Street.  While waiting for our beverages, Patricia noticed someone's bank card on the floor.  She brought it to a barista's attention and together they walked into the main lounge area of the Al Whittle Theatre and found the man whose card it was.  He had not left yet, thank Heaven. He was grateful to get his card back, so grateful in fact that he gave the barista a big tip and bought a gift card for Patricia with sufficient balance on it to pay for a cup of coffee for her.  He was a true gentleman. I gave him one of my blog business cards, and I hope he reads this.  Thank you, sir.

We got back to the house.  I fed the cats. And I have been down here in my home office for  a couple of hours reflecting on my long day.  I have also watched a movie tonight, the 2010 remake of "I Spit On Your Grave".  There is a big discussion online about these films. Are they degrading to women, or empowering to them in the sense that the woman who was brutalized in the film seeks and obtains revenge for what was done to her?  I like revenge movies from time to time.  I don't like to watch them very often as the content is often very disturbing and I am not of that bent.  The film's star, Sarah Butler, doesn't like to watch these kinds of films herself, but accepted the role when she was convinced that the script would allow her character to get back at the men who had hurt her. YMMV, of course, as my own often does.

It is now 12:20AM.  Oddly enough, I only got up 13 hours ago, and took an hour's nap at my mother's.  I had a cup of caffeine at Just US!  And yet I am pooped.  That is what having a long day rich with incident will do to a person.

You guys have a pleasant evening.  See you tomorrow.


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