Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Post 2496 - Two Days To Go!

Hmm.  Let's see here.  I warned you about the realities of shopping at the glitzy farmers' markets on Sunday.  Monday, I wrote about the issue of homelessness in the Annapolis Valley. What possible social ill can I discuss this evening?  Plantar Wart? The tragic reality of spastic colons? Or the fact that it is 2 days away from Hallowe'en, and I could list a few of my favourite horror movies?

Let's go with that!

While I love me some horror movies, I do not for a moment think that they are the only way to get a good scare. In addition to my monthly bank statement, I am frightened by books as well. There are film directors who opine that only the horror film is a vehicle by which one can get scared. I respectfully disagree.

(I suppose at one time I might have disrespectfully agreed. But I would never have disrespectfully disagreed. And never ask me to agree in a respectful way. One can't have it all, folks. But I digress.)

I love me some horror movies. Some I like more than others. But a few stay with me and won't let go. One I can't get out of my mind is "The Devil's Rejects", directed by death metal maven Rob Zombie. It is the sequel to "The House of 1000 Corpses", which he also directed. I did not like that film very much; but "Rejects" kept me going from beginning to end. The titular characters are serial murderers responsible for the death of dozens of people. Despite all this, the characters were oddly sympathetic, but please don't tell anyone I told you that. Even more odd was the fact that both Roger Ebert and his then partner Richard Roeper, gave it a thumbs up.  They both thought it was disgusting and disturbing, but they both liked it enough to recommend it.  FWIW, so do I.

The original Exorcist movie frightened me as well. But there is something I must point out to you: it drive me crazy when people go on and on about how the director did this, and how he did that. The book is based upon a novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty. All the stuff that people praise about the film, is in the book. See what I mean about how directors like to take credit for everything, but are the first to point fingers when something goes horribly wrong about their films?

The first "Scream" movie remains the best one, by far. Patricia and I first saw it in a crowded movie theatre at a midnight on a Friday in June of 1997. We would shriek with fright one second, and laugh the next. The frat boy sitting next to Patricia all but grabbed Patricia's hand. The remaining films in the series diminished in quality until the inevitable "Scream 4" in 2011.  Let us hope there will not be a fifth film in the series.

There are so many others that I could go on all night, but my cold and the anti-histamines I have taken to combat it are conspiring against me and will soon drag me off to beddy-bye.  So I will finish off tonight's post by telling you about the films called "Hallowe'en". I equally enjoy the John Carpenter film as well as its remake, by the afore-mentioned Rob Zombie. For those of you don't know, the face of "Mike Myers" in the Carpenter film is a painted version of a William Shatner Hallowe'en mask. But you already knew that.

What are your favourite scary movies?

See you tomorrow.


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