Thursday, October 31, 2013

Post 2498 - Happy Hallowe'en!

Boo! Just sayin'.

Hi.  It is past 10pm.  I have been home nearly all evening.  For reasons some of you will know, I didn't go to a movie tonight after all.

We didn't buy any treats for the kids this year.  I no longer give out comic books to the kids, not for two years now. And if I don't give out comics, I don't give out candy, either. So we got home here shortly after 6pm, scurried up the stairs, and dashed inside, locking the door behind us and having nearly every light off in the house.  I have been down here in my home office for 4 hours now, and I am not sure where the time went.   Patricia has been resting.

Been a quiet evening for me. I watched this week's episode of "Hostages". It becomes more ludicrous every week.  It is no wonder that "The Blacklist" is kicking its patootie every week. Dead air would almost be more entertaining.

I started to watch "Hallowe'en" this evening.  Not the John  Carpenter film from 35 years ago. This is the remake directed by Rob Zombie a few years ago. There is much more detail about how Michael Myers becomes a mass murderer.  There's nearly too much detail.  I will finish watching it Friday night. I like how Zombie pays homage to the original movie in several places. I think I will like it better than the Carpenter movie.

I think I will turn in. Patricia is off tomorrow so I can leave a little earlier than normal. Assuming my car hasn't been soaped, or keyed, or pissed on, I should be good to go.

See you tomorrow.


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