Sunday, November 3, 2013

Post 2500 - Cottage Day Two

It's 11pm. I have to be at work in 9 hours. And we remain at the cottage.

We will get up around 3:30 Monday morning, throw our things in the cars, and drive to the city in time to go to work. Lots of fun.

Patricia had hired a local guy to build up and around the existing shed, roughly doubling its size. There is new siding on the old part so that it no longer looks as though it will fall apart. The side door has been filled over, replaced by a window that had been in my father's garage. He'd been here the one time in 2006 so it seems fitting that one of his old windows will look out over the Northumberland Strait for the next few decades.

The new section will be a work area for Patricia, starting in 2014. She looks forward to making stained glass out there. I can imagine her coming out here on weekends and not emerging until Sunday night.

Or Mondays mornings at 3:30.

On that note I should get 4 hours of sleep.

See you tomorrow.

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