Monday, November 4, 2013

Post 2501 - Monday

Ugh.  It is nearly 10:30 Monday night.  Long day.

We woke up at the cottage in Pictou County this morning, at 3:30.   The weather was howling, so we decided to stay a few more hours until the sun came up, so that we could see where we were going.  We arranged to stay a few more hours with out respective works, and left the cottage around 7:30.

We had breakfast once again at Sharon's Place in the town of Pictou.  Same seats as yesterday.  Same breakfast order.  Same server.  From there, we returned to the city, arriving around 10:20.

I showered and prepared to go to work, arriving at my place of employment at almost exactly noon.  I worked until 4:30, and then drove to the World Trade and Convention Centre for the annual Hal-Con walk through.  Once again I will be working media all weekend, taking a few hundred pictures from noon on Friday until Sunday afternoon.  I will have Monday off work to recover from the fun times.  I hope to meet Billy Dee Williams and many of the other media guests. If I am very lucky indeed, I will be able to give them my Blog business cards. I may end up with 5.4 readers by Sunday.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday after work, I will be driving down to my mother's place, so that I can drive her to her doctor's appointment in the city on Wednesday. I expect to be very bushed come Wednesday night,  not that you give a crap or anything. As long as I grind out a bloody blog post for you every day, that is all that matters, not how much sweat went into producing it.

In other matters, this is "Movember", so I have decided to grow my moustache for the month. I do this because many of the women in my office cannot grow their own moustaches, so I must make up for them. I hope they appreciate it.

See you tomorrow.


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