Monday, November 11, 2013

Post 2506 - Reminiscing Part One

Hey, folks. How was your Monday?

I spent much of the afternoon cleaning out my rec room today. It caused me to start thinking about "the good old days", which for me would have been the early 1970's until 1976; and from 1979 until I graduated university in 1988. That doesn't mean I haven't had good times since then; it just means my focus was on that period on my life.

Long-term readers may have made their way through some of the "year in review"series. You would walk away from those posts thinking that I had a near eidetic memory but that is not the case. Memories bounce around in my head like dumplings in a stock pot. I'd swear that something took place in 1973, when in fact it was 1972. Stuff like that. You know what I mean.

This is where you guys come in. To be more exact, the portion of my readers who are from the Annapolis Valley may be able to help me recall this stuff, so please do so.

In no particular order.

I spent most of my time between 1982 and 1988 between my parents' home in Port Williams and the town of  Wolfville. I seldom even left Kings County. Don't judge me. Nearly my entire life was centred on that relatively small geographical area. Yeah. Don't judge me.

I began university in 1982 when I was 18. Of course, it was Acadia University in Wolfville. I remember walking down the street between the student union building and the Beveridge Arts Centre, and noticing an older home that had a business in it. They made chocolates, and I recall reading an article in the local paper about the place. I do not recall the name of the joint, nor how long it lasted. Does anybody reading this remember the name of the place, who owned it, or how good their product was?

After classes, when I needed a break, and between relationships with women (let's be diplomatic, shall we?) I would often go for walk downtown. I recall the Kipawo Showboat, some kind of arts place/cafe,  begun by Acadia professor Jack Sherriff. Remind me to tell you about the time I applied for a job and he interviewed me. But I digress.

In... 1986, I think, my German class ambled down to the place I just mentioned to have some pie with ice cream. The professor tried to convince me to consider getting a job in my field of endeavour and move to Germany to do so. That way, I could be a German-speaking guy in Germany working in my field of endeavour. You can guess what my decision was. But my question is: How often was the Kipawo Showboat in use as an arts venue? I think Sherriff was also instrumental in the 1970's effort TAFI, short for Theatre Arts Festival International. Is that the case? Was this venue also used for TAFI back in the day?

Hmm. What else?

The Bargain! Shop closed several months ago. Many years ago, that spot was a grocery store called Wade's. Anybody from the Valley will remember their distinctive white shopping bags. In that same strip mall, The Royal Bank was at the other end. Shopper's Drug Mart was in the middle, and still is. What was there before Shopper's moved there from New Minas? When did the RBC move there? I remember the Bank of Montreal being in their space ever since I was a kid, but how about the RBC? And, for that matter, how long has that strip mall been there, and what was in that space before that?

Last question: Why didn't Debbie Eaton go out with me? I have always wondered about that.

I will leave it at that for this evening. If anyone can answer my questions, then thanks very much. I will compile more questions and put them here from time to time, using a new label.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about that part of the province at that time in my life, then put 'em here.

See you tomorrow.


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