Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Post 2508 - Another Picture

We have coffee every morning at the Metro Deli. There is a very diner there run by a regular Blog reader, Charley. He's one of the 4.7.

We see lots of well-known folks go past us, nearly every day. The reason for this that the building houses News 95.7. They still have talk shows and therefore have to fill hours of air time every day.

Today's celebrity was former Prime Minister Joe Clark. He has a book out and I like him enough to buy it. In my 30 seconds with him I can report that he seemed like a very nice man.

People from the States reading this will know that Clark is a Conservative. Not completely. He led the Progressive Conservative party for many years until that party was subsumed by the new Conservative party several years ago.

Anyway, here's my picture with Joe Clark.

And, yes, he was given one of my blog business cards.

See you tomorrow.

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