Thursday, November 14, 2013

Post 2509 - Thursday

First of all, no, I didn't meet any celebrities today. Sorry. Instead, we took Cindy Clawford to the Carnegy Animal Hospital this evening, and didn't even see Eric Carnegy. We hear him on Maritime Noon every month or so, but in six months of seeing docs at his clinic, we have never met him. Apparently, he is literally the only male who works in that place. Imagine what it would be like work in a place where you're the only guy.


Really imagine it. It would not be like any of the movies from the back of the video store behind the curtain. I am certain of it. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Neither would you.

At any rate, Cindy is doing relatively well. We returned home, and I hooked up a set of speakers to the media player in the recroom.  They sound much better than just what comes out of the tv speakers.  I know you don't care.

My weekend plans are firming up. After work tomorrow, Patricia and I are going to her work for a party celebrating a significant milestone. There will be food and beer served. Patricia has already told me not to embarrass myself, so beforehand I will probably gorge on a pizza and a couple donairs and maybe even a chicken shawarma. I will then waddle to the party location and eat naught but a blueberry or a third of a rice cake at the party. Never mind the beer. The whole situation will be reminiscent of the Monty Python movie where a guy in a restaurant has eaten so much food that just a thin wafer causes him to explode. Was that film "The Life of Brian"? I don't remember. I know that Kevin knows.

Saturday morning we will be going to the Valley for the day. There is one of those thrice-accursed Christmas craft shows down in Wolfville on Saturday and Patricia has won a ticket to get into it for free.  I will take my mother shopping for a while before I pick Patricia up and go to the homestead and watch a movie or something.  We will likely stay there overnight and return to the city Sunday morning. Or whatever.

What are your weekend plans? And, what are you wearing when you read this blog, anyway? I have always wondered.

See you tomorrow.


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