Friday, November 15, 2013

Post 2510 - Friday Night Fun

It is past 11:30.  I must turn in soon, because Saturday will be busy busy.

We went to an office party at Patricia's work this evening.  More accurately, it was at the coffee shop across the street from her work. There was beer and wine and snacks and music. Women were dancing together in the way they do while the men stared at them in the way they do. It is fun to see that happen; reminds me of reading Penthouse Forum when I was a kid.

Before the party we had to kill a couple of hours, so we went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Green Street, in Halifax's South end. It is just up the hill from where my apartment was all those years ago. When I first moved to Green Street as a young Bevboy, the strip mall at 5280 Green had a Pizza Hut on the left and then a Lawton's Drug store. I found it very convenient to go there to get my pharmaceuticals. The Pizza Hut closed and a Tim Horton's took over that space for quite a few years. That closed, and then a restaurant that had really hot and spicy food moved in, before there was a fire there in 2012.

The Lawton's closed and sent its files over to the Shoppers Drug Mart across the way. A dollar store moved and and was there for quite a while.  The rightmost entry would be rented out by a political candidate during an election. There was a junk store there for a while, before the dollar store absorbed that space. After a time the dollar store closed.

The Sally Ann moved into that space in the very late 1990's if I recall correctly. I do remember that when I was packing to move to my house in December 2000, I was lugging up old stuff I didn't need any more to the Sally Ann. That tells me that the dollar store was long gone by that point.

Anyway, fast forward to this evening.  We had to kill some time before the party, so we went to the store in question. I found a plastic bag full of rca cables and the like; one set of cables was of such high quality that they reminded me of a similar set I bought once that had set me back a good 50 dollars. The entire bag of stuff this evening was 4 dollars. I got a good deal.

People in other parts of the country turn their noses up at places like thrift stores or Frenchy's, but Value Village has a certain allure that attracts people who wouldn't dare go to the other places I just mentioned. I go to all of those places and have found some excellent deals over the years. I got a fully-functional solar powered radio (with a crank on the back to charge an internal battery) for 8 dollars when I know very well that  new one would have cost me 50 or more. Works great, and the colour goes with my eyes.

We still had time to kill before going to the party so we went to the Gingerbread Haus on Queen Street and bought a couple desserts. I got a ... what the hell is it called/ -- a red cake or something.  Patricia got something that if I tried to pronounce it, my high school German teacher would rise up from his grave and drag me down to Hell with him. They were pastries with layers of cream that will clot my veins and kill me if I have another one in the next 5 years so I had better stay away from the joint.

Afterward, we drove to the party.  I parallel parked my car with such dexterity that a homeless guy leaning against a nearby pole woke up and crawled over to us and offered to give me a quarter. I was tempted but said no. We left him muttering to himself.

We walked to the party. I snacked too much. We heard some music. We drove back here and I found some .zip files that I just emailed a woman I went to university with. These pictures are not the dirty ones; those are in yet another zip file that I will share with you if you ask me nicely enough and send me pictures of your knickers after you have washed and folded them. The ones I sent her were pics of my university days from the early 1980's.  I think she will like them. I know I did.

It is past midnight. I have to get up by 7 or so to go to the Valley for the day.  Should get some shut eye.

See you tomorrow.


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