Saturday, November 16, 2013

Post 2511 - Yep!

As I surmised Friday night, Saturday was busy. So busy that I had to take a long nap at my mother's place after dinner.

Anyway, we got up and left Halifax around 10 am.  We drove to Wolfville where we killed a bit of time at the Farmer's Market before driving to Port Williams to pick up an external hard drive that a guy was selling at a good price.

We got back to Mom's.  Patricia took a nap while I took my mother shopping for a couple of hours. She and I ended up going into Kentville where I picked up Dad's watch, the one that needed a new set of innards. It cost me $75, but it's the first money I had ever spent on the watch. My sisters and mother all wanted me to keep Dad's watch after he died in 2010; it makes me feel closer to him.

I returned to the house.  Patricia and I went to dinner at the Port Pub and Bistro in Port Williams where we had an excellent dinner. Patricia had a chicken dish whose name escapes me. I had a seafood linguini. The appetizer was lobster poutine. It is not exactly something that you would eat every day, ore maybe every quarter, but it did taste really good.  We shared a warm ginger cake for dessert. For drinks I had a mojito, and Patricia had a glass of wine and a coffee with booze in it that has a funny name.

We returned to Mom's. I took my nap. And at 10pm, we hopped in the car and returned to Halifax. The cats have been fed. And I am tapping away at few words for this here silly blog that my 4.7 readers follow with great interest.

If I can afford to do so I would like to get some t-shirts made that have the official Blog avatar on it with a circle around it. Under the image would be, "Bevboy's Blog! Are YOU one of the 4.7?" That would be pretty neat.

Or not.

Let's go with not.

See you on Sunday.


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