Monday, November 18, 2013

Post 2513 - A Milestone

I will be turning in shortly. Another short blog post.

I worked today. Thanks to ibuprofen, I was able to walk around work without a whole lot of pain, just enough to let me know that I shouldn't be jumping and down for a while.

There is a guy at my work who had major knee surgery a couple of months ago.  He only returned to work in the last couple of weeks. He is much younger than I am, but until he is better, he relies on a cane to help him get around. I figure the fact that I split a toenail yesterday and slammed my knees on a hard floor is nothing for me to complain about, at least in front of him. But we still had a nice race to coffee this morning. The able-bodied men spotted us 10 minutes and we were able to hobble most of the way before they caught up to us. Mighty nice of them.

It has been raining to beat the band most of the day. I don't want to think about how moist my basement must be, especially since I have been doing laundry down here most of the evening. As it is, there is so much wet clothing draped on the drying rack we keep down here that if I put anything else on it, it would file a union grievance. And I'll bet you didn't know that drying racks are unionised. Yet another think you have learned by reading Bevboy's Blog these last six years.

That's right. Bevboy's Blog began on November 17, 2007. I am entering the seventh year of this silly blog.  Here is the link to post number one.

When I began the blog it was because I wanted to express myself in certain ways that would never be afforded me otherwise, with as few typographical errors as possible. I'd grown tired of most blogs, which contained run on sentences, misspellings galore, and made about as much sense as a fried soup sandwich. I wanted to be above that as much as I could. To the extent that I have succeeded is due to my trying really hard to come up with something different, nearly every single day.

Of course, I am best known for my interviews with radio people. I am probably fairly well known for this not just in Nova Scotia, but in pockets of the entire country. I have received emails and messages from readers all over. I have mailed business cards to many of those same places. I thank you for those messages.

My output with regard to interviews has slowed down to a crawl in 2013, and I can only point to a few things in my private life that have held me back. I do promise to ramp up production of interviews in 2014. Or at least to try. People have to agree to sit down with me, you know. Not always that easy, even when I do agree to pay for lunch.

As I enter the seventh year of this blog, I anticipate a few changes I will make along the way. I hope to resume some of the old series I had worked on, as well as come up with a couple of new ones. I want to write a bunch more of the "reminiscing" series, as that has proved to be more popular than I thought it would be. And there are untold stories from the various "year in review" years, so I may revisit some of that stuff over the next several months.

Bevboy's Blog, in my opinion, has come a long way in 6 years. As we go into lucky year #7, I hope that my 4.7 readers will come along with me. After all, you have been with me all this way, and it's not like you have anything better to do with your lives than read about my trials and tribulations.

Am I right, or what?

See you tomorrow.


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