Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Post 2515 - Wednesday

It is past 10pm. I am downstairs in my home office with Newbie.

I got home late this evening. It was really sweet, as I rounded the corner to my house, to see Newbie looking out the main picture window, obviously looking out for me. As soon as I got in the driveway and headed toward the steps, he jumped down to the hallway and was at the door as I opened it.

All together now: Aww!!

It has been a cold day around here. According to the widget on my desktop, it is -3 C out there, but there is a windchill, so it feels much colder. I actually had the heat on in my car this evening, which is something I seldom do. I also had to, for the first time this season, purchase some actual windshield washer fluid. When it's warmer, I make the stuff.

I am still transcribing pieces of an interview I conducted months and months ago. What is wrong with me, anyway? I think I am enjoying Netflix too much.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Since it is so cold, it will be hard to get up in the morning. Newbie will hold me down and not let me get up. Sometimes I think he is the alpha male in this relationship. I dare not challenge him on this.

I think I am ready to announce that I have 4.8 readers now. Vicki Gesner has sheepishly admitted to me that she reads the blog on a fairly regular basis. I need to verify this with the Bevboy's Blog bean counters I have employed from Toilet and Douche, and I will report that back to you by the end of the week. I am confident about this.

You guys stay warm. Think of me. I will think of you.

See you tomorrow.


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