Friday, November 22, 2013

Post 2517 - Friday

Hi. I have to make a confession.

I am enjoying my reclining chair too much.

There. That feels better.

I got home from work, see? And I came downstairs to do some laundry, all right? And I threw in some shirts in the washing machine, okay? I went to my reclining chair, with the handle on the side, and leaned back and back until I was nearly supine. I grabbed a blanket and covered myself with it. And I slept for the next few hours. It is now pushing 11pm, and I am wondering where the evening went.

I just checked the kickstarter page for the Kenley Matheson film. They are up over $10 000 now, but they have a long way to go. They need $78 000 or so to get the movie made. Come on, everybody. Skip a latte next week, maybe two, and send that money to this kickstarter effort. Do the right thing.

There is very little else to report. I am on call all weekend so I have to keep close to home with my BlackBerry attached to my hip. Patricia wants to go out in the morning but to be sure that we're back by mid-afternoon before the Doctor Who 50th anniversary show starts. Before and after there will be special coverage on the Space channel. Apparently, Doctor Who is the most popular non-sports show broadcast on cable in Canada. That helps explain why they're flogging this show to death, and why even the main CTV network has been advertising it. This thing is huge.

Newbie has been with me all evening, but he grows weary watching me type stuff. I guess I will call it a night.

It's a... crap! How does that go again?

See you tomorrow.


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