Saturday, November 23, 2013

Post 2518 - Saturday

Hi. Remember me?

I spent the day not doing a whole lot. Much of the day was spent preparing for, watching, and discussing, the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special. I think I know what I don't like about the show. They have several "endings" per episode. Each time I thought the show was over, there would be another short scene to extend things a bit more. It finally ended.

I liked it a lot but there were so many in-jokes and so many homages to earlier shows and Doctors that only a rabid Who fan would get them. For example, there was another episode of the show 40 years ago in which 3 Doctors appeared. At the end of that one, one Doctor says, "Which Tardis is mine?" The same thing happened on the 50th anniversary show. I didn't get that but someone interviewed on the Space channel after show certainly did.

Not much else to report. I fell asleep in my chair again this evening. Becoming a habit. Newbie likes resting on my lap when I'm on the chair which makes me think it's definitely a guy's chair. No girls allowed.

I've spent time this evening watching a couple History channel documentaries. One of them showed torture techniques throughout the millenia. Imaginations were very creative a long time ago but I wonder if they could ever have foreseen the type of torture associated with hearing the same 4 songs by the Rolling Stones or Fleetwood Mac or The Eagles, over and over again. Probably not. Nobody could be that fiendish.

Watching SNL. Will watch it and turn in. Possibly in my cool chair.

See you tomorrow.

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