Sunday, November 24, 2013

Post 2519 - Sunday

Well, I am nicely showered and shaven. The Movember stache is gone a bit early as it was getting on my nerves and not filling in in a way I found satisfactory.

I slept in this morning of course. When I did get up, I noticed that Patricia had left for the craft show. More food for me! I made an omelette and prepared some coffee before I tackled the dirty dishes. That was a big job, as you can well imagine.

Patricia returned mid-afternoon and admonished me not to look at her purchases as there may be a thing or two for me in those bags. I can't imagine what crafty things she would buy me that would interest me unless they had meat in them. One can always hope for the best.

I have an hour to kill before this week's The Walking Dead is on. I wish it were on another night of the week and perhaps an hour earlier. As it is, I remain up until midnight Sunday night and stagger off to bed, not unlike one of the walkers on the show, only to get up at 5:30 and commence my work day. If you see me looking a little extra tired at work in the morning, just kick the back of my chair. OK? Thanks. Much appreciated.

I am pleased to report that Newbie and Cindy actually got along quite well today. I didn't see them fight. They peacefully co-existed. Maybe Patricia and I should consider trying the same thing. Nah.

I would tell you that there is not much else to report, but doing so reminds me of the time my previous company was for sale. More than 20 years ago now. Anyway, every two weeks, when we got our pay stubs, there would be a short letter from our President and CEO Rod Bryden (he went on to own the Ottawa Senators). Every two weeks, Bryden would just write something to the effect that there was nothing to report. This happened for months and months. If I recall correctly, I left the company before the company was sold, so one presumes that Bryden continued to write these 2 line letters every fortnight.

Anyway, I am mindful of this and try not to state that there is nothing to report more than a couple of times, lest I too be confused with a multi-millionaire whose company was sold out from underneath him, who then went on to own a hockey team, and is doubtless sitting at home in retirement counting his money. Yeah. We can't have that.


See you tomorrow.


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