Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Post 2451 - Christmas 2013

Hey, 4.7. How are you doing?

Merry Christmas!

I am back in the city after a whirlwind trip to the Valley for the day. The day started off poorly. I misplaced the blankety-blank keys to the house down there, so I ended up calling my sister to get her to open the place for us. Most of the presents were there, so we needed to get there, scoop them up and high tail it to my mother's room.

People seemed to like the presents I gave out. Patricia is still going on about the TV. In 30 minutes we will watch the Dr. Who Christmas Special to see how they get around having another doctor regeneration when in fact they are already at the 13th Doctor and can't go any further. Some of you care. And now we get to watch it on a much better television than we did on the 50th anniversary special last month.

We all had Christmas dinner at my younger sister's. After we'd eaten, my niece got her new dslr camera and tripod out and began taking pictures of various configurations of the family. It just underscored to me how much we still miss our father, and my mother, her husband. This was our 4th Christmas without him, and it still feels weird to get a present "just" from my mother, and not "Mom and Dad".

I've long since moved away from expecting him to walk into the living room and say hello, or to sneak a taste of the Christmas turkey before everyone else had had a chance to chow down thereon. But it seems... somehow a cheat not to have him with us. I wish I had taken a few minutes today to visit his grave. Perhaps this weekend.

We returned to the city around supper time and I have spent the last couple hours down here in the home office farting around on a day when one should do so.

We are off on Thursday and are back to work on Friday, before having two more days off. We return to work on Monday the 30th and the 31st before another day off and then working two more days. I am grateful to have a BlackBerry to keep track of all that stuff for me.

Newbie is eyeing me with that look of his. I think he must be in heat. TMI?

Time to go upstairs and warm up the TV to see Doctor Who.

See you tomorrow.


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