Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post 2454 - Quickly Noted

Not much to write about this evening. Spent time today watching some R-rated comedies ("Hangover III" and "We're the Millers"). Patricia made a delicious turkey-based dinner.

I had to mention that, a mere 3 days after beginning it, my mother has read "The Virgin Cure" from cover to cover. Started Boxing Day.  Finished today. Remarkable achievement for anyone, let alone someone who's 81 years old. I have never seen someone blossom so much since she moved out of the house (which she still misses and keeps stuff in) and into an assisted living facility. Her meals are covered. 24x7 medical care. Cable tv and phone. And all the time that she wants to read. She has already chosen her next book to read. It is the story about the life in Kentville and nearby Camp Aldershot during World War II. Because it is DND property, I have never set foot on the property and am very unlikely to do so. I bought the book about 10 days ago when I was killing some time at a used book store in the South End of Halifax whilst Patricia was shopping downtown. It occurred to me that Mom may want to read it, and I was right. That makes one in a row. I have a few dozen books about local history; I think I will gradually lend them to her to read. In a couple of years, I may end up having to lend her my porn Viking fiction in order to feed her voracious reading appetite.

We're all looking forward to the storm over night. Some folks in New Brunswick (for my American readers, all 1.3 of you, that is a neighbouring province in Canada) still don't have power after a week; it is even worse in Toronto. Now, there is another impending storm that will threaten power connections to those people and a host of others. I have been so lucky here not to have lost power. To the best of my knowledge, it is the same situation at my mother's. Fingers crossed. I'd cross my toes, but I read somewhere they'd just stay that way. That would make it difficult to walk around, and would cause embarrassing questions from people at my work.

Time for a shower and undergo the process to enhance the beauty of my hair. You understand.

See you tomorrow.


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