Monday, December 30, 2013

Post 2455 - Radio News

Well, it's official now. Which is to say that Frank Magazine has broken the news, even though they got it from me in the first place.

JC Douglas, former PD at Q104 until 4 months ago, is no longer the drive home guy at The Wave in Halifax. He is taking training to become a 911 supervisor. His on air shifts at the Wave will henceforth be voicetracked.

It is a little sad that someone who has been synonymous with radio in Halifax for pushing 30 years, should nearly walk away from the medium and begin a new career. I am not privy to his motivations and never will be. I can only wonder from afar just what happened and why, and whether something happened to him over the last year or two to have soured his feelings about the medium. I don't know. Don't ask me. Ask him.

I was poised to break the news here when I first heard it more than 10 days ago. I was not asked to keep my source's name private, so I can tell you it was Rick Howe who told me. However, JC phoned me and asked me not to reveal this information, and I honoured this request. I am not a news source in any way that would past muster with anybody. I am just a guy with a blog who writes about radio stuff when he doesn't write about his cat or what he had for supper that evening. I have 4.7 readers. Because I was asked to keep it private, I did not write that Christina Fitzgerald was leaving Live 105 and heading to Radio 965 ("Radio Nine Six Live?") even though she had resigned from Evanov and her boyfriend who worked at Rogers was telling folks there that she was leaving. If I am asked not to write about something pending an embargo on the announcement or to avoid embarrassment or people getting into trouble at their work or whatever, then I go along with their wishes. Period. You have no idea how many juicy anecdotes about high flying GM's, PD's, and owners with expensive cuff links I have erased from interviews over the years. Sigh. Even when I correctly guessed who the person was who kept his/her job at Q104 in 1995 at the expense of  Stan Carew's, I could not reveal it. It must officially remain a secret. Double sigh. And since that person in question is also no longer in radio, I wonder why it must remain a secret. Triple sigh.

Anyway, my very best, as always, to JC Douglas. He is embarking on what he hopes will be a very interesting new career, and I wish him every success in this endeavour. And if it doesn't pan out, then the radio world will love to have him back full-time.

You guys have a good night.


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