Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Post 2456 - Follow Up Radio News

Hi. Welcome to New Year's Eve 2013.

In the last hour I was speaking to JC Douglas. He has asked me to make a couple of corrections to my report last evening about his new job.

  1. He will NOT be a 911 supervisor. He is being trained to be a 911 dispatcher.
  2. He is NOT leaving radio. I did mention that he will be voice tracking radio shows going forward, including today's drive show on The Wave. MBS has installed a studio in his basement that will enable him to record and produce radio shows from his home. I will go on record and report an interest in seeing this device, JC.

An old friend contacted him a couple of years ago and learned that this friend had become a 911 dispatcher. Intrigued, JC asked this friend to let him know if any future opportunities presented themselves. Two years later, almost exactly at the time he got the job at The Wave, the stars aligned in a way that happens all the time in real life but would be considered a cheat, a form of deus ex machina in a fictional context: an opportunity to apply to become a 911 dispatcher was there. He decided to try his luck.

If you believe in fate, then know this: JC was one of two candidates out of 252 to be selected for this training opportunity. Long odds, and he made them. He is hoping to put 10 years or so into this and see how close that gets him to retirement. He fully intends to make this new gig work for him. I am not a betting Bevboy (a Betboy?), but if I were, I'd put odds on him to kick arse in this position.

On a personal note, I am happy for JC. He deserves happiness, which sounds like a dumb thing to say because nearly everybody deserves happiness, but I mean it. He really does. He is one of the good guys. He has always without fail been kind to me even before I started this blog, and I can't and won't forget his many kindnesses to me. I hope this new gig works for him. And I am also happy that  I can still tune in to a radio station and listen to him, albeit via Memorex, I hope for a long time to come.

Now, we can have a bit of fun speculating who might permanently become the new Drive person at The Wave. There are some excellent candidates out there who are at loose ends. If Robert Pace wants to open up his wallet, shoo away the moths that fly out, and throw some money into the mix, then perhaps one of these folks can be tempted to throw his hat in the ring.

I hope he decides to back up the truck. And that the truck was not made by Tonka.

See you tomorrow. And Happy New Year.


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