Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Post 2528 – Christmas Tie 2013, Day Two


Welcome to day two of the sixth annual Bevboy’s  Christmas Tie Extravaganza!

Today’s pictures were taken in the newsroom of News 95.7. The lovely and talented Brynn Langille agreed to pose with me, if I only bought her a bottle of cranberry juice in return. This was done, and the pictures were taken. Best $2.50 I ever spent.



The slots are filling up quickly for 2013, folks. There will be more radio-related pictures, plus pictures of moi with friends and relatives of mine. And, in the last hour, I booked a lunch meeting with Andrew Douglas of Frank Magazine. I will write more about that, when the meeting happens. Just so you know, though, that the pictures taken from my blog and Facebook and used in the latest issue were a mistake, and I will be credited therefor in the next number. Andrew Douglas has always been fair to me, and that is all I ask.



Anyway, Frank says that Brynn is too lovely for the radio. I am far too much of a gentleman to weigh in on this issue, I will only state that she is a lovely person in every sense of that word. If I were younger, and thinner, and had all my teeth, and a good job, and were a member of the same species; and she were single and not-at-all-choosy, I might ask her out. Odds would still not be in my favor. Sigh.

See you tomorrow.


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