Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Post 2535 – Christmas Tie 2013, Day Seven

Welcome to day 7, folks.

Two sets of pictures again today. The first set was taken at the C100 studios around 9 o’clock this morning. I am there with Brad, Moya, and Peter. Thank you for your time, folks.





Brad is shy, isn’t he? Hard to draw him out.’

They had a really good book this time, folks. They’re number one in 25-54, a very highly desired demographic. It was fun talking about radio stuff with them, thinking that I am some kind of expert or something.

Upon returning to work, my friend, and one of the 4.7, Marcel, was there to re-image my work computer. He posed with me as well because, well, he felt it was the right thing to do. He is a fan, and is also friends with Friday’s subject, Courtney Amirault of Live 105.

Day 7 - Bevboy and Marcel   

It has been a long, short day so far. I will be spending the balance of the day re-installing all the applications lost when the old hard drive was removed and the new one was installed and re-imaged. Fun times.

Day 8 tomorrow. I have a subject for Wednesday and one for Thursday. Friday is still available. Anyone reading this, interested?

As well, when I am in the Valley this weekend, you can expect a couple of bonus Christmas tie pictures. I don’t usually do the Christmas tie thing on weekends, but it has proved to be so popular this year that I had to make this exception.

See you tomorrow.


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