Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Post 2536 – Christmas Tie 2013, Day Eight

Welcome to day eight of the sixth annual Bevboy’s Christmas Tie Extravaganza, ladies and gentlemen.

We had a potluck lunch at work today. Afterward, I waddled to my car and after rubbing lard all over my torso, managed to squeeze behind the steering wheel. As long as I only took shallow breaths I could handle driving the short distance to the Energy 103 studios on Cogswell Street.


Once again, they’re doing that damned construction work on Cogswell, but this time I was prepared for it, so I parked once again in front of the police station and hired a guy to convey my carcass up the hill to the radio station.


Once there, the lovely and talented Michelle led me into the Energy 103 studios. The lovely and talented (do you notice a trend among the women at the Evanov stations in Halifax?) Amy Chabot was waiting for me. As you can see, she didn’t dress up at all for me, which was an extreme disappointment. She could have combed her hair or something. Frig.


Just kidding. Amy was very gracious with her time, posing with me as if standing next to me didn’t make her want to wretch, which was reassuring to my psyche.


After the Christmas tie pics had been snapped, she posed for another half dozen or so pictures, which I will use to drop into future interviews in which her name is mentioned. After all, we have to give Frank Magazine something else to “borrow” from my blog, don’t we?

Amy, thank you for your time. It was a great pleasure to meet you. I hope that our paths cross again, and soon.

See you tomorrow. My Christmas tie picture will be taken with the lovely and talented… guy who works in Halifax radio!


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