Monday, December 16, 2013

Post 2541 – Christmas Tie 2013, Day Twelve


Welcome to day 12, folks!

Today’s pictures were taken in the offices of Frank Magazine in downtown Halifax. You will recall that in the past issue they used a couple of pictures from this here blog without my attribution.  All is forgiven, especially since I can now reveal that the new issue, out later on this week, features a nice little mention of the blog and me and the url of this blog.

I am posing with my new frie  nd Andrew Douglas. He is the main editor of Frank, which other than a booboo or two, has always been fair to me.



We stepped out to lunch to the new Cajun place in the downtown. The fact that I am here to write about it tells me that the place wasn’t that bad, although I think Andrew and Patricia liked their lunches more than I did. My chicken, if it was Cajun-spiced, didn’t get much of it. But, hey, everyone thinks that I write crap about every restaurant I go to, so I think I shall say no more.

Tomorrow: back to the radio.DSCF6710

See you then.


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