Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Post 2457 - Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first day of 2014, folks.

There are several things I want to accomplish this year. I figure if I list them here people can tease and taunt me about my relative success later on this year.

I will get more exercise. I used to do spin classes two or even three times a week, even after I learned that "Pony" by Ginuwine was not a song about horses. Damned metaphors. But I digress.

Time was, back when I was giving blood and made myself anemic, my pulse rate at rest was only about 50. Olympic athletes might be around 35 or 40. I doubt if I can get back to the 50 level, but it is worth a try.

Patricia bought me a nice pair of cycling shorts for Christmas. They are the ones with the seat built into the arse so that you don't chafe yourself riding on the stationary bikes. What others do is buy a rubberised seat that covers the bike seat for the duration of the class. Knowing me, I would leave it behind. I'm unlikely to leave behind a pair of actual shorts after a class, though. I'd probably notice and hear the laughter of the people who saw me saunter away from my bike with my "Bevboys" dragging behind me.

I plan to do a  lot more radio-related interviews this year. I only conducted 2 in 2013, and I'm still transcribing the second one (shame on me!). Ronny Roberts keeps sending me cards with his phone number. He is pushing 81, so I shouldn't wait too much longer. The man was friends with an awful lot of performers from the 1950's and 1960's, names instantly recognizable to a lot of people. He was very good friends with Bobby Darin. I want to capture those stories while I still can.

There are also quite a few folks new in the radio market who know of me by reputation and by having read the blog interviews over the years. Courtney Amirault.  Chris Pottie. Brad Legere. Amy Chabot. Others. I'd love to sit down with them before they all go where their talent takes them. As much as I enjoy talking to the veteran broadcasters, the retired ones, I get a kick out of talking to the ones who are new to the medium and haven't lost the lustre and innocence that come with being new to it. I was new to my own industry once. Miss it.

I promise to pay more attention to the people who have important things to say to me. Unless I think they're full of crap. Or, if they're in a position to make my life miserable, I will sit there and give them a strong impression that I value their opinion, nodding my head sagely, rubbing my chin. I can begin to ask a question only to abort it upon what would be perceived to be sombre reflection on my part. I can repeat the last 5 keywords of what they say.

I promise to continue to run myself ragged and worry myself sick over being responsible for two houses in two different parts of the province. I will continue to divide my time unequally between the city and the Annapolis Valley in such a way as to please nobody, including and especially myself.

I will learn to respect the importance of the expiration dates on items in my refrigerator. If an item is supposed to be red, and it is green and smelling like month-old gym socks, then I will hesitate before putting it in my mouth. If red meat like beef no longer is red, and has an odour reminiscent of that dead bird that languished in my back yard last year until the teenager down the street took care of it, then perhaps I should not consume it. I will just give it to Patricia.

I don't listen to the radio enough. I will ramp that up.

I guess that's it.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

See you tomorrow.


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