Thursday, January 2, 2014

Post 2458 - Thursday

It is quite late, past 11:30. I have to get up in less than six hours.  That is, assuming that there is work in the morning.

Every once in a great while, maybe once every couple or three years, the weather is so dire that work is cancelled. I have seen businesses shut down, stores throw up their hands and not open, but government can remain open anyway. I'm not complaining. We have to combat the perception in the public's minds that civil servants are lazy folks who stay home at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, the forecast is so bad for tomorrow that it is possible that even government will shut down in the morning. I figure that if the buses are called off the road then that is my cue to stay home. Once again, I am not complaining, but risking my life and Patricia's and my car's structural integrity is not worth it. I am sure you agree.

It is freakishly cold out there this evening. The little weather gadget on this computer tells me the "feel like" temperature is -20C, and the there is drifting snow. We got home before the snow started, and I have been downstairs watching stuff since I got here.

I have also spent some time this evening watching a couple episodes of  "Axe Cop", a screamingly funny web series based on a comic book of the same name. Axe Cop is a police officer who takes life far more seriously than I do, can, or will. Rather than use a gun, he wields an axe and cuts off the heads of bad guys. The stories were devised by a now-8 year old boy and drawn and dialogued by his 30-something step brother. The child's imagination is so fertile and illogical that one can't help but enjoy it.

The early episodes are online. Here is a link to the first two to give you an idea of what I am referring to.

And, here is a link to an interview with the older brother, conducted by Q's Jian Ghomeshi.

I just wish it were not so late so that I could stay up and watch all of these!

See you tomorrow. And you're welcome!


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