Sunday, January 12, 2014

Post 2464 - Bevboy's Back

Hello, my lovely 4.7.  How are you feeling?

I am feeling much better. Thanks for asking. And thank you all for your cards and letters and Facebook messages and emails sent through the Blog and direct messages sent to my twitter account. I suspect some of you even sent me messages to services I'm not even a member of.

I left work at lunch time on Wednesday. I had a hard time even driving home. I pretty much went to bed/reclined in my La-Z-Boy for the rest of the day. On Thursday I managed to see my physician, who noted that I should be off for the balance of the week, and signed a form authorizing this.

I would  not wish the last week or so on anybody. My voice was severely hampered, which made Patricia and my mother happy. I had no energy in my body whatsoever, and some of you will think that that is the way things normally are with me. Frig you. I had barely any appetite. And, worse yet, I was downstairs in my rec room while Patricia was on the main level watching the HD tv I bought her for Christmas. I was stuck watching "Forensic Files" on HLN in standard definition. Talk about punishment!

Tomorrow, I return to work. I am looking forward to it. Just don't breathe on me, people, or I might breathe back.

See you tomorrow.


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