Monday, January 13, 2014

Post 2465 - I'm Telling You For The Last Time.

It is past 9pm. We just finished watching this week's episode of "The Black List" in glorious HD. And I am downstairs in my recroom with Newbie. He is reclining oh-so-gracefully on my modem. No wonder it overheats.

Actually, he also likes to rest on my wireless router. One of the two antenna is damaged to the point where the wires are exposed. I don't think he's chewed on the wires; it's more like he has pounced on the router so many times that the antenna is just hanging there. I will either be a cheap so-and-so and use electrical tape to wrap it up like a 4th grader in a snowsuit, or swap out that router with another one I have at my mother's, which is NIB. I bought a couple of them year as part of the wholesale sell off last year at the Bargain Shop! store next door to my work.

Speaking of my mother's, I will be there this weekend for the first time this year. There were things I had every intention of doing before the holidays that haven't been done yet. I have meant to be there a couple of times since the holidays only to be thwarted by inclement weather or ill health. I also have a few more bags of magazines for my mother to peruse in her nursing home. She reads an awful lot these days.

What else is going on? Patricia is enraptured by the HD tv I bought her for Christmas. She watches a lot of movies in HD now. Little does she know, however, that I will soon be purchasing a 42 inch 1080p television for the rec room. If I had a moustache, I would be twirling it now. Please let it be our secret. I want it to be a surprise.

I just tweeted about how tired I am of explaining the difference between "who" and "whom". I see people who make more money than I can ever dream about, make that error. I want to reach out to them from my computer screen through to theirs and shake them by the lapels and scream at them. It is a real bugaboo. A pet peeve. An ache in the anus.

Here. For the last time.

Who is the subject of a sentence, the main thing that the sentence is all about. The star. "Bevboy is going to the hoedown."

If you didn't hear the Bevboy part, you would ask, "Who is going to the movie? And, while we're at it, what is a hoedown?"

The person who was answering your question would then say, "Bevboy is going to the hoedown. And, by the way, a hoedown is a  is a type of American folk dance or square dance in duple meter, and also the musical form associated with it." 

So, you say "who". Get that?

Whom is used when you care less about who was doing something, then who would be the beneficiary of the activity in question. The supporting actor. "Bevboy took Patricia to the hoedown."

If you didn't hear the full statement, you might wonder aloud, "Whom did Bevboy take to the hoedown? And what what the frig is a hoedown?"

You say "whom" because the subject is still Bevboy. He is the person performing the action, but Patricia is the person who benefits from the action. You wouldn't say, "Bevboy took who to the hoedown? And what is a hoedown again?" You would say, "Bevboy took whom to the hoedown? And what is a hoedown again?"

The person who was responding to the question(s) would reply along the lines of, "Bevboy is taking Patricia to the hoedown.  And, by the way, a hoedown is a  is a type of American folk dance or square dance in duple meter, and also the musical form associated with it." 

So, who is used when you need to know who is performing an action. Whom is for when you want to know who is the recipient of the action. 

In the above example, Patricia is also the direct object in the sentence. If you want to know about indirect objects, let me know. I will come up with some suitable redneck examples to move things along.

If you have any questions, well, please don't. Nobody pays me to do this stuff.

See you tomorrow.


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