Thursday, January 16, 2014

Post 2568 - Thursday

Okay.  Let's get something out of the way.  I frigged up the numbering of the blog, again. For some reason, I knocked a hundred posts off the numbering. I am now adding them back, so this should be the correct number. I may or may not go back to rename the posts that were mis-numbered. It might be a little anal. Not that's it's stopped me before.

Been a long day. I am still coughing a lot, which makes my lungs get a lot of cardio, if that makes any sense.

This weekend I will be at my mother's. I am looking forward to being there for a couple of days. As I mentioned before, I have chores down there that need to be performed, and nobody else will do them, so it falls to me. I'm like the male Snow White, which is vaguely disturbing to me on some level.

A guy at my work, one of the 4.7, is off on vacation to some exotic points of call. He took quite a few of my business cards with me. Starting next week, I will see if I get any hits from that part of the world. I am looking forward to it.

I cooked steak for dinner this evening. It's some of that beef I bought last year from my mother's neighbour. I was barely able to put a morsel of it in my mouth before Newbie was  all over me wanting some. To appease him, I cut off a couple very tiny pieces. He wolfed them down, and came back for more. I repeated this 2 more times until he was sated. There are times when that cat eats better than I do.  I am a little resentful.

People are telling me how much they are enjoying the grammar lessons so far. I don't get it. It's like telling your mother how much you enjoy broccoli or steamed spinach. I will do one a week until people tell me to stop. Which I know they will.

I guess that's it for tonight. Gonna be a long day tomorrow. Wake up in Halifax. Go to bed at my mother's.

See you then.


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