Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Post 2573 - Tuesday

Batten down the hatches, boys.  It's gonna be a rough night!

You can tell when it's about to storm in Nova Scotia. People don't rush home after work. They rush to the closest grocery store. In my case, it is the one directly across the street from my work. I parked the car there and waited for Patricia, who showed up shortly after 5pm. She went into the store to pick up victuals and spent a small fortune doing so. Lugging them up the stairs was great fun.

We then hied ourselves to the Halifax Shopping Centre. Patricia was going to pick up some flimsies, some things that only a woman would (or should!) wear. I went to the Eastlink store to swap out a cable box.

We ate in the food court.  While there, I checked my BlackBerry and was pleased to see an email from the latest blog interview subject. He has read over the interview; since he has not asked for any changes, I can publish the interview in the next day or so, exactly as I transcribed it. I really think you'll like this one. He has had a 50 year broadcasting career and has many stories to tell. I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

The storm is supposed to hit over night. If the weather is so uncooperative in the morning that my road has not been plowed, or the buses are called off the road, then I will work from home. I can show Newbie some of the ropes about my job in the hope that he will get off his lazy arse and learn a trade and fend for himself for a change. Maybe he could look after me while I stay home and preen myself all day. I like the sound of that. He wouldn't, but I would.

I guess that's it for tonight, folks.  Remember to stay warm and stay inside if the police tell you to do so. Otherwise, be sure to drive carefully tomorrow morning.

See you tomorrow!


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