Monday, January 27, 2014

Post 2579 - Radio Swag

Over the years of doing my radio interviews, I have met some interesting people. But other than a K-Rock hat from Colin McInnes and Kate Peardon (now of Q104) in 2010, I have not had much of anything by way of radio swag. A guy at work took pity on me a year or so ago and gave me a Lite 92.9 drinking bottle. And Gary Tredwell gave me some K-Rock 89.3 shirts and hats a couple of years ago.

That all changed today. I met with Mike Cranston for 15 minutes or so this morning. I had promised him a cd containing all of the pictures and video and audio files from our interview last year. He bought me a coffee (thanks!) and gave me a swag bag full of FX 101.9 and 89.9 The Wave stuff.

I got a couple ball caps, a couple t-shirts, a coffee travel mug, and a water bottle. Plus the actual bag.

Thank you, Mike Cranston. Please keep in touch, sir!

I hereby throw down the gauntlet to every radio person reading this. Treat me right. Offer me a fridge magnet from your station, or another water bottle, or another coffee mug, or a thumb drive, or a ball cap, or maybe even a thong. I will gladly accept these bribes. I will  not say no to an XL t-shirt, nor will I turn my nose up at a decal for your station to stick on my car's back window in the anticipation of winning some prize down the road for having said decal affixed to said window. In short, "Feed me, Seymour!"

If you have an expense account at your station and want to flex it, then take me to lunch. I hear that The Press Gang is really good for lunch. Who cares if it is the most expensive restaurant in Halifax? You have the darn expense account.

Thank to Mike Cranston this morning, I have drunk the Kool Aid. I have consumed it. I have bathed in it. I have injected it into my veins. I will mix it with soap and turn it into an enema. I want as much of this Kool Aid as I can get. I am addicted. I want my fix.

In short: Give me your swag.

I feel better now. Phew!

See you tomorrow.


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