Thursday, January 30, 2014

Post 2581 - The Weekend Is Here!

I know that it is only Thursday, my 4.7. However, tomorrow is a day off work for me, so I figure that this is my Friday.

My body knows that the weekend is here because I am getting sick again. I have had a dry and scratchy throat in recent days. I have been coughing a lot. I sucked on a couple Fisherman's Friends this morning until someone at work gently told me that they were actualy cough drops and not buddies of the fisherman down the street from me. Those conniving little so and so's: they'll do anything to get some attention.

My body is starting to shut down in anticipation of my 3 day weekend. But I have a "honey do" list yea long. Patricia wrote it in the smallest font my network laser printer can produce, and it still fills the better part of a page. I have every confidence that I will make my way through the whole list this weekend. I also have every confidence that the earth is flat, that Ru Paul is a woman, and that Pauly Shore is an underrated actor whose genius will one day be recognized.

In other news, I have ordered another crap ton of Bevboy's Blog business cards. With tax and shipping and so on, it works out to 1.6 cents per card, which is dirt cheap advertising. I will have so many cards that I may indiscriminately hand them out to everyone I meet, even people I don't like or who can't read (such as one or two of the people who inhabit our cottage environs). It is already at the point where when we go out to dinner, I make sure our server gets a business card. I keep a small supply at my mother's nursing home right next to her television. In nearly everything I carry with me, I have a number of these cards ready to hand out. Even at my work, right above my name sign in my cubicle, there are a dozen or so cards and people know that they can help themselves to them at all times. Also at all times, I have a small wallet in my back pocket in which I keep a couple dozen cards. They are everywhere.

My offer still stands. If you want me to mail you a fist full of my blog business cards for you to hand out to your friends or colleagues, no matter where in the world you happen to be, I will do that, at no cost to you. Your best bet is to send an email requesting same at the official Bevboy's Blog email address. Just include your mailing address, and I will pop them in the mail to you with all due haste. I want to grow my 4.7 readers this year to at least 5.3. Help me make it over the top.

See you tomorrow.


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