Friday, February 7, 2014

Post 2588 - Friday

Hi. Remember me?

I am sorry I couldn't write much the last couple of days. My home internet connection was acting up the last two nights. It is back as of this morning.

Meanwhile, I am here at my work during my lunch hour. I thought I'd play catch up with you for a few paragraphs. I hope you appreciate the fact that I am giving up part of my time off to write you guys.

Thursday night was great fun. I interviewed the latest blog person. It was Courtney Amirault of Live 105. She is the mid day gal there, and she was a tremendous delight to meet. The 3 hours we spent together at Michael's Bar and Grill flew by. I look forward to sharing the interview with you. I promise it will NOT take 9 months for me to transcribe this puppy, like the Michael Cranston interview did. I will start work on it this weekend in fact.

Throughout the evening, Patricia and Courtney's partner were drinking wine while Courtney and I were chatting. I hope they weren't bored, but I am guessing that the wine helped them pass the time.

One funny story from yesterday that I must share with you. When Patricia and I first started seeing each other, people thought that we were gay. Patricia was going on about how, "Bev and I did this. Bev and I did that.", and people drew the wrong conclusion, because they did not know me. I told this to Courtney, who is gay, and she responded by calling me a "big old lesbian". It made my damn day. I have been called many things by many people, some of them quite uncomplimentary. But I feel in pretty good company when someone calls me a lesbian. I suppose it is the irony of my being called something that is a physical impossibility which has delighted me so much. It won't double my chances of getting a date on a Saturday evening, but it is a badge I wear with some pride. And it got a good chuckle from the boys this morning at coffee. I wonder if a few of them might be jealous?

I will be in the Valley this weekend. The fellow I owe money to for clearing my mother's drive way wants to be paid, and I don't want the amount to become so large that I will have to sell my blood or my back up kidney to satisfy this debt. And I have something like 10 bags of magazines in my car to give to my mother for her to peruse before she shares them with the other people in her nursing home. If I do not soon rid myself of these magazines, they will threaten to throw my car out of alignment. Besides, my mother is down to her last few dozen back issues of Reader's Digest, and that is a fate I would wish on no one.

You guys have a good weekend. I will write you from the Valley this weekend. I may even include a picture or two of Newbie if I can trick him into his carrier instead of him tricking me into it like he did last month. Grr.

See you tomorrow.


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