Monday, February 10, 2014

Post 2590 - Monday

Well, that was an expensive day.

I got up at 6 as always. But what doesn't always happen is for me to drive my car to the dealership to have $1200 in work done. The front brake pads were toast. So was the power steering column. Let's not even talk about the emergency brake cable. It is a good thing that I like the clothes I wear and that my underwear is not shot full of holes, because they will have to last me quite a while longer.

You will dimly recall that I bought a new-to-me 42 inch 1080p HD television the other week. I am loving it so far. It is so nice to see Netflix in such a way that I can read and select what I want to watch without squinting my eyes and reaching for a non-existent app on my smart phone that would blow up the size of text read from afar. Now, I can see the text so much better than before; it is even better than what it on the HD tv in the living room, one level up.

The selection of things on Netflix is, well, eclectic. Let' s go with that. It's like an old-fashioned video store on a Saturday morning, the night after everybody had cleaned out the new releases to watch over the weekend. You're stuck with older films you maybe haven't seen at all or in a long time, or newer releases you thought you might see but never got around to.

On Netflix, I am especially fond of how categories come and go like the morning dew. The horror film category disappeared on me a week or 10 days ago. In order to have it reappear, I had to select a horror film from another category. Then, as if by supernatural means, the horror category showed up again, revealing films that were not under any other category. (Does anybody know a good synonym for "category"?) Makes me wonder what other things those sneaky little rascals are hiding from me. And, this evening, I now have 24 films in a "Zombies" category, which was never an option before. Last week, in addition to the "horror" category, I also had a "gory horror films" category. Sunday, both "horror" film categories were gone, so I watched "Quarantine 2: Terminal", which this evening brought back the main horror category and gave me a "Zombies" category for the first time. I wonder what will show up if I watch a romantic comedy featuring zombies who were graduating high school and who want to lose their virginity before they go off to college, and who like to surf and play volleyball, all while speaking like characters out of "Downton Abbey"? What category would I see then?

It is now after 11pm. Even though I wish I could stay up all night long and watch Netflix programming offered to me in the "Documentaries About Field Mice" category, such cannot be the case. I must get some sleep, lest Newbie steal the bedsheets from me and use them to effect his escape from the prison house he calls home.

See you tomorrow.


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