Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Post 2592 - Home Theatre Stuff

So, tonight, after I got home from Toastmasters, I fired up my HD tv and initiated Netflix on the media player I use for that purpose. I ended up watching a horror movie called "Rite of Spring".  Don't bother.

I spent a few minutes before that hooking up another set of speakers to the television. I bought them today from a woman who was selling them on kijiji. Ten dollars. They are computer speakers, but what interested me was that they came with a subwoofer. Ten dollars was a very good price.

On Sunday, 3 days ago, I bought a soundbar at Future Shop. It was an open box sale; I got it for 50 clams. The remote control that had come with it had been lost, but I didn't care too much because the entertainment centre is just like 1.5 meters from where I am typing this post. I don't mind getting up and manually adjusting the volume. I ran two splitter y cables from the back of the television, using one branch for the existing set of speakers (with its own subwoofer), and the other branch to the afore-mentioned soundbar. Sounds not too bad at all.

This evening, I plugged the input of the speakers I bought today, into the output jack of the soundbar, which is asking for a subwoofer. This powered subwoofer has a speaker out jack, to which I have running the other 2 speakers I bought today.

The resulting sound during "Rite of Spring" was pretty darned good. The 2 subwoofers are on different levels of my entertainment center. In theory, they are working together. I heard every rumble and bass to the point where Patricia knocked on the door to the recroom and asked me what I was watching. Meanwhile, all the other speakers are putting out sound at a pretty good level as well. Except for maybe a speaker devoted to dialogue as part of a 5.1 speaker package, I think I'm quite well set up. And I did it for very little money, less than 100 dollars.

There is a guy at work whose interest in home theatre and home audio makes mine shrivel up like a wee willy wonka in a cold shower. He would look aghast at the sound system I have cobbled together and perhaps arrange for me to get some overtime hours at work to be able to afford a better one. Well, not really, but a fella can dream, can't he? I am quite pleased with the arrangement I have now, and will probably not muck with it very much at all going forward.

I wonder how many of you, my 4.7, have any kind of home sound system which supplements the speakers on your television. Do you want to make mine look bad? Go ahead. I am boy enough to take it.

In other news, I hear that Energy 103 has been rebranded to "90's and Now". I do not know if this will mean any major changes to their playlist. I will find out for you, as I know you all want to know this.

You guys have a great evening. See you tomorrow!


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