Friday, February 14, 2014

Post 2594 - Friday

Remember what I wrote the other day? My thoughts about Netflix? How in terms of content it is often like an old-fashioned video store on a Saturday morning, after a Friday night when the locals have swept through it and rented most of the new releases and the majority of the other cool stuff?

I'd like to revise that opinion.

Netflix is more like an old-fashioned convenience store that OWNS most of its movie stock. On a Saturday morning. Blah blah blah.

I'm not saying that what's on Netflix is crap. I'm just bewildered by the eclectic aspects of what it has to offer. I love the documentaries. It's hard to think of another place where one can find a cooler selection of them. The tv shows are neat especially if you want to binge watch them, a perfect activity for a weekend when you don't feel like doing housework.

It is the films that I find the most perplexing. A good 60% of them are unfamiliar. Doesn't mean they'd suck. Just makes me wonder what rock they were found under.

This evening I mostly watched a "teenagers in trouble" horror movie called "The Caretaker". Don't bother. I'll finish watching it because the girls have nice ta ta's and swear short dresses. After that I'll select something else I have never heard of and see what I think of it. It's like a crap shoot.



Let's go with that.

At least it in HD.

See you tomorrow.

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Bluenose Sidecar Tours said...

A lot of the movies are foreign films that were not promoted in North America. Some are quite good. There are also a number of films (of all genres) on Netflix that simply suck the big one. lol